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MINI BAMBOO GOALPOSTS: Happy Parents - Happy Children

By: David Booth & Komang Kurniawan (EBPP Chairman & Team Leader)

We’ve (East Bali Bamboo Bikes) struggled since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic with very few orders for bamboo bikes or other products, but, thanks to recent orders, we’ve put big smiles on many children’s faces!

It all started in February when Matt Saul asked: ‘Can you build bamboo goal posts? I may have a few orders for you’. Curious, Komang and I headed direct to Matt’s Canggu home where he had a worn set of futsal-type goals that we immediately measured, took photos and Komang headed to our Tianyar workshop to discuss with our team, source and treat the bamboo; and 2 weeks later, delivered 4 sets of fixed and one of knock-down beautiful goal posts with sturdy nets to very excited children! Word got around and we’re now building 5 more sets for Matt’s friends!

Huge “Thanks you” Matt Saul for ordering 10 sets of mini-bamboo goalpost!

If you want to order some for your children, please contact me.

Email: or call/WhatsApp: 0811399057


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