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Karangasem Regent Praises and Buys Bamboo Bikes

By Komang Kurniawan,

On June 4, the Regent (Bupati) of Karangasem, I Gede Dana, visited East Bali Bamboo Bikes workshop with several heads of government agencies, including Regional Secretaries, the Department of Commerce and Industry, sub-district heads, and village heads. Pak Gede Dana complemented the concept of bamboo bicycles as very good and environmentally friendly, and he also suggested that people who like cycling would surely prefer riding a bamboo bike.

During his visit, he bought a Bamboo City bike and an MTB, and remarked that our bamboo bikes are very unique and of high quality and that, hopefully, they will become popular with people who like cycling so that high production in the future can create jobs and improve the economy of our local communities.


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