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Participating at The International Veteran Cycle Association (IVCA) 2018

Following the success of our INABIKE Exhibition in Jakarta last month, we will be joining another dedicated cycle event; this time it's the International Veteran Cycle Association (IVCA) 2018: “Vintage Bicycle Village” in Sanur, Bali to give you a closer look at our unique East Bali Bamboo Bikes.

During this two-day event, we will be displaying and taking orders for our beautiful mountain bikes, city bikes, bamboo bottle cages, and bamboo mudguards. This will also be the first time we release our beautiful new tandem bike which is perfect for families and couples. So for sure this is going to be the event you can’t miss!

Also, if you happen to be around Sanur area on the 13th April 2018, you can see 5 or 6 our bamboo bikes in action as EBPP team will be joining the bike rally from Sanur to Serangan to plant mangrove trees as part of IVCA’s Sanur Shore Slow Sunset Spin (SSSSS). We can’t wait to share the experience of getting to enjoy the smoothest ride ever with our bamboo bikes which provide skilled jobs for our remote community youth who build the bikes - and of course supporting the environment!

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