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Deni holds an important role in the launching of our new social enterprise, the East Bali Bamboo Bikes .He is a professional bamboo bike craftsman who has built high quality bamboo bikes for over 10 years and has 15 years’ certified experience using composite materials in Indonesia’s IPTN Bandung aircraft factory.He joined us in November 2016 and has since trained and overseen local craftsmen on our team to become bamboo bikee artisans in our Bamboo workshop. “I am very proud of our craftsmen, they are very motivated to learn. For me, that’s very important,” said Deni.

“Bamboo is a truly wonderful material. It has good ability to absorb vibration, even compared with carbon material.” He is very confident that EBBB’s design can provide cyclists with the ultimate comfort in different terrains.

​​Constructing a bamboo bike is not only a chance to express and act upon a creative freedom; it’s also a very rational concept. “You can find plenty of bamboo in East Bali and it grow very quickly. On the other hand, job is relatively scarce for locals. We definitely have the resources and manpower available. With great bike designs, I believe we can build a strong & sustainable social enterprise that can benefit many local people.”

​​Deni, along with East Bali Poverty Project Founder & CEO, David Booth, and EBPP Health Team Leader, Karina will be at INABIKE 2018 JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta from 22-24 March 2018 to exhibit – and take orders for 3 of our beautiful bamboo bikes: one each of male/female Mountain Bike (MTB) and a women’s City bike, all with attractive laminated bamboo mudguards and bamboo bottle holders. You can meet Deni in person and ask questions about our bikes.

The entrance is free- you just need to bring your name card.

Be the first to join the launch of East Bali Bamboo Bikes. Order some bikes, and be the envy of your friends!

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