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Are you passionate about cycling?

Here, we present you a new cycling experience. A Bamboo bike is not only a healthy choice for you but also for Mother Nature. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and it’s strong. It can be found all over Indonesia – it is traditionally used in houses, fences or furniture. However, here in East Bali the locals are using it to build bicycles.

East Bali Bamboo Bikes offers you two different styles of bamboo bikes: Mountain bikes and City bikes, both designed for both men and woman. Our bamboo bikes are high quality and of course very beautiful. But our bamboo bikes are about more than just looks. It is very light due to the materials used. This can make a big difference in your ride.

Not only for adults: as you can see, many kids are also obsessed with our bamboo bikes too. Here are some pictures from GIN Bali Conference 2018 Passion Fair at Canggu Community School on Sunday 4th of March.

The goal of our bamboo bike project isn’t just to build beautiful and Eco-friendly bikes, but to create meaningful jobs for local people in East Bali area. We train and employ only locals to produce our bamboo bikes for an affordable price and selling them in Bali and around the world. The bamboo is also sourced locally. For those of you who want to lend a helping hand but aren’t quite sure how, here we offer you an opportunity. By buying this product, you help to support the local communities and set a great example for others.

Our bamboo bikes range in price from $700-$1,000, with options of beautiful laminated bamboo mudguards and gorgeous bamboo water bottle holders

Ride your bamboo bike with a purpose …

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